Start learning chinese today

In a few easy steps we will guide you to start learning mandarin today.

Lessons outline

  • Basics: -
    Introduction: - this will provide a quick introduction to the history of mandarin chinese and some useful background information to start learning the chinese language.
    Tones: - we will give you a quick overview of the tones available in chinese and how to pronounce them.
  • Essentials: -
    Key mandarin skills: - Some of the most basic words and phrases used in everyday mandarin, the hello world of learning chinese.
    Introductions: - Learn to use some key words and phrases to introduce yourself to other people, this is great help for when you want to meet new people.
    Basic conversations: - Start learning some basic conversation skills like asking for things and asking for the time etc.
  • Holiday: -
    Airport: - Learn how to ask things and communicate in the airport, such as asking where things are and how to get places. Hotel: - Here we will teach you what to say when you are at the hotel ready to check in.